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Telling his experience of loving someone but unfortunately the person he loves doesn’t reciprocate the love back. WESLEY shares with us what the message behind “1000 Ways” is, “While it may seem like another love song at first glance, 1000 Ways for me actually plays with the concept of the one that got away. I was with an amazing girl who I was madly in love with and would do everything and anything for,” WESLEY explains.

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‘I want my sister to know my door will always be open for her,’ the singer says.

After recently launching a full-fledged solo career with his vulnerable debut single “Remedy,” WESLEY (Wesley Stromberg) is further proving that his new music will see the Emblem3 singer sharing his most personal stories to date. “Don’t Have to Say You’re Sorry,” a scorchingly sympathetic ballad that shares insight into the addiction within the 24-year-old’s own family

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“One Shot” shows off his falsetto as he sings over a simple guitar strum in the chorus. Singing about being careful with whom you fall in love, because how a person looks isn’t the only thing that matters in a relationship. WESLEY explains to us what “One Shot” is about, “The message behind ‘One Shot’ is to be careful who you fall in love with,” WESLEY says. “CHOOSE WISLEY! I made the mistake of giving my heart to someone for the wrong reasons. I was infatuated with beauty on the outside while ignoring her inside motives, where she turned out to be fueled by social climbing and other superficial goals,” WESLEY shares. “We both should have known better, and in the end we both lost.”

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WESLEY Encourages Fans to Find Their ‘Remedy’ With His Own Story of Heartbreak: Premiere

After spending years as a member of pop trio Emblem3, Wesley Stromberg is ready to break off on his own. Now sticking with just his first name, stylized as WESLEY, the 24-year-old singer debuts his first single, “Remedy,” which shows fans old and new that he’s not afraid to get vulnerable as a solo artist.

The passionate pop tune addresses a tough breakup Wesley went through with a longtime love, a time that led him to believe that love didn’t exist anymore. But a new girl has helped him go from tragedy to triumph — as he sees it, she was a remedy for the pain he experienced.

“Through those dark days I was led to a new angel light, someone so beautiful inside and out that loves me at my worst and at my best,” Wesley tells Billboard. “We all go through hardships and we all need something to turn to. For me it’s my lord, my girl, my music, my family and the fans.”

Wesley relates to the message of “Remedy” in an even more personal way than just his relationship: His sister recently recovered from an opiate addiction, in part thanks to her “Remedy,” her family and her son. “I’ve been through so much heartache watching my sister’s spirit destroyed by opiate addiction,” he admits. “But we surrounded her with love as a family to help her recover. The most powerful medicine of all is love.”

Between his sister and his girlfriend, Wesley knows there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Channeling his experiences it into a pounding beat and uplifting message, he hopes “Remedy” inspires fans to keep their head up when their heart might be breaking.

“If you’re feeling alone or feel like you’ll never find true love and happiness, I beg you to keep searching,” he says. “Find that positive vice, crutch, medicine — your remedy — and cherish it.”

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